Sylvani Tribes

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The Sylvani elven tribes are to the far west of Dunland. Rarely seen in Dunland, they are a people closely connected to their forests and pastures.

Seen as barbaric by their Helani elven cousins, perhaps it would be more accurate to describe them as a simpler people. They may lack of grand edifices of the Helani, but the tree shapers in the tribes create elegant homes for their people at their seasonal camps.

The Sylvani move seasonally within their realm, letting nature replenish its bounty in their absence. Their druidic circles lead the people in worship, alongside the tribal leaders who focus on the more mundane aspects of life. Inter-tribal conflict occurs occasionally and acts as a gauge to determine who gets the better hunting lands. However the druids put a stop to anything which threatens to become all out war.

Sylvani bows and wooden spears are renowned for their craftsmanship and reliability. However they are rarely traded and consequently much sought after, which keeps their price high.

The spears are made from the rare ironwood tree and can only be made by a tree singer. They are strong enough to rival a normal steel tipped spear, but do not have any metal component.

The worship of nature seems to help the Sylvani in many ways, it has been noticed by traders that in the heat of a blazing summer, their forests are cool and shady with a soft breeze. Whilst in winter, with Dunland frozen and icy, where no man would be caught outside, the forests merely feel crisp and the sun still shines upon the snow.

It should be noted that few humans are allowed into their lands, mainly the Acerni tribal druids and traders, who know to head only to the trading camp sites and nowhere else.