The Dwarven city of Nimoldur is an anomoly. Most Dwarven realms are in theory subservient to Stoneheart and follow the Creed of Gombaldur with its rigid adherence to the caste system.

Nimoldur is different, all Dwarves earn their place through merit and achievement. Even intermarriage between Hill and Mountain dwarves is allowed, with mixed race children suffering no discrimination.

Some of the finest dwarven craftsmanship on Etherias is to be found in the halls of Nimoldur. Without the rigid caste structure of other dwarven realms it seems as though creativity blossoms.

The Creed of Gombaldur forbids all contact with Dwarves who live outside of its tenants. Without the chance to return to Stoneheart, some of the Dwarves of Nimoldur have taken to worshipping the gods instead of the spirits of their ancestors. This may mean they will never be reborn and their souls will be lost if the Creed is to be believed.

Nimoldur has two allies, the Human realms of Mycernia and the Vale of Anduria.