Kug Borim

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The Dwarven citadel of Kug Borim is to the north east of Dunland and is a close trading partner. The dwarves of Kug Borim are faced by Giants to the north west and North East. This is the westernmost remaining Dwarven citadel. They are a fatalistic people, dour to many, much concerned with "Holding the line", they have adopted a siege mentality.

With this mentality, they produce excellent arms and armour, but it is plain and simple work, fit for purpose, but lacks the artistic skills of their forefathers.

The dwarves of Kug Borim are our allies and came to answer King Yric's call during the liberation of Dunland. They also were one of the major suppliers of arms and armour during the early days of the rebellion against the Giantkin overlords.

The emblem of Kug Borim is a mountain struck by lightning.

The Dwarves of Kug Borim are followers of the Creed of Gombaldur