Need a name for the wizard and to generate information for magical research in his ruins and why it hasn't been found or over-run before.

Basically putting the village to rest will let the wizards ghost allow the people access to his dungeon.

He can only be talked to after the children are freed and the dark spell broken.

Got it!

The Wizard had sealed himself into his dungeon under the mansion and holding the attackers off.

The children in the Windmill were sacrificed to trap him in there forever. He died and became a revenant, normally a revenant would have faded away after a year, but the same spell trapping him into the dungeon stopped his soul from leaving.

With the breaking of the child's circle the spirit of the revenant will soon be free to exact his revenge on those who slaughtered his village.

When the players find him .. he will enter the body of either the sorcerer or the wizard and talk to the players.

The same black spell that kept his dungeon safe is now much much weaker.

He wishes the players to find an alternate body for him so he can enact his revenge on the foul cleric and his followers who killed the children of his village.

Need a mechanism for the players to remove the lingering traces of the black shield.

No one now in the village from Shadowmire knew what the black circle of children did, but they knew enough to not disturb of touch it.

The previous adventuring group can be found dead in the church, sacrificed for power by the dark cleric. Need to create a sacrifice -> power system for ritual magic perhaps?