Deities Of Etherias

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Deity Alignment Domains Symbol
Alden-King - god of Rulership, fate and nature N Knowledge, Nature, Tempest, War Crowned Tree
Bliss - goddess of Seasons, prophecy, time and dawn LN Knowledge, Nature, Life, Death Raised hand with eye in centre
Nelda - goddess of Life and good NG Life, Nature Seashell
Nerull - god of Dark, night, undeath and insanity NE War, Death, Trickery Dark Circle with Skull at centre
Hiddun - god of Greed, randomness, lies and chance CN Knowledge, Trickery Coin in a palm
Njord - god of the Sea, trade and communication N Tempest, Knowledge, Light Blue River on a brown circle
Elene - goddess of Sun and peace LG Life, Nature, Light The Sun
Lunae - goddess of the Moon, unrequited love, purity NG-N-NE Knowledge, Life, Light Moon in different phases
Malea - goddess of Disease and lust CE Life, Death Blood Drop
Arawn - goddess of True love, air and sky CG-CN-CE Life, Tempest Cloud with heart
Raina - goddess of Poetry, music, depression and homosexual love CG Knowledge, Trickery, Tempest Unfurled Scroll
Vellora - goddess of Domination, pain, slavery and cruelty LE Death, War, Tempest Chain Circle
Heim - god of Guardians and the earth LG War, Trickery Eye on a Shield
Erin - goddess of Healing and peace NG Life Praying hands
Ezrah - god of Magic N Knowledge, Life, Death Six pointed star in a circle
Tiw - god of Fire and war LN-N-CN War, Light Fiery Sword
Wuldur - god of Evil, death and rage LE-NE-CE War, Tempest, Death Red Claw in a black circle
Hretha - goddess of Agriculture, earth, healing, fertility CG-NG-N Life, Tempest, Nature Weatsheaf
Senalis - god of Crafts, metalwork and hope N Knowledge, Light, War Hammer and Shield