Creed of Gombaldur

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The Creed of Gombaldur is a strict code of conduct for all Dwarves. It reinforces a caste system based on profession and race (Hill or Mountain Dwarf), which gives a supportive structure to the Dwarven people. It also codifies the ancestor worship all Dwarves believe in. There are only

As an example, if you are a Hill Dwarf Woodsman, your male children will follow your career also. Your daughters will marry within the same race and preferably the same caste if possible. The main exception to this is when a young dwarf male of female demonstrates potential in combat, they can be invited to join the warrior caste and adopted by one of the powerful warrior families. The inverse is true as those born to the warrior caste but not suited to it will have a career and new family found for them. As you can imagine the lower castes hope for strong children who can elevate their family name.

Any dwarf who refutes the Creed is shunned and ceases to exist for all who do follow it. They are collectively referred to as "The lost" if referred to at all and the names of the lost are removed from all records of the Dwarves.

Upon their death, the bones of all Dwarves are returned and interred in the Great clan ossuaries of Stoneheart. Where members of the clan can visit their ancestors and commune with them.

The Wise, as clerics of the Dwarven clans are known, gain their wisdom and spells from their ancestors. Any cleric not acting in the interest of the race or clan will lose access to their spells. The ruling noble clans (leaders of the dwarven people) can either become wise or strong (cleric or warrior) in the name of the dwarven people. Both wise and strong are of equal importance to the Dwarven people.