Bul Thurim

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The dwarven citadel of Bul Thurim is bordered to the north by the Ice giant Jarldom of Ornskoldvik. This border is a constant source of tension and conflict for Bul Thurim, with lesser giant kind attempting raids against the surface living hill dwarves of Bul Thurim.

Bul Thurim is a close ally of Dunland and helped in many ways during the rebellion, ably led by Harkon Thurim. Even now a regiment of Dwarves remains garrisoned in Nortwyke sworn to the service of King Yric.

Much trade passes between Dunland and Bul Thurim, most of it along the Nanbrooke River and then up into the hill and mountain passes till it reaches the citadel. The trade route is heavily patrolled, but still raiders and beastmen attack frequently.

The Dwarves of Bul Thurim are followers of the Creed of Gombaldur