WorldTag:Trade Hub

Description This world is a major crossroads for local interstellar trade. It is well-positioned at the nexus of several short-drill trade routes, and has facilities for easy transfer of valuable cargoes and the fueling and repairing of starships. The natives are accustomed to outsiders, and a polyglot mass of people from every nearby world can be found trading here.
Enemies Cheating merchant, Thieving dockworker, Commercial spy, Corrupt customs official
Friends Rich tourist, Hardscrabble free trader, Merchant prince in need of catspaws, Friendly spaceport urchin
Complications  An outworlder faction schemes to seize the trade hub, Saboteurs seek to blow up a rival’s warehouses, Enemies are blockading the trade routes, Pirates lace the hub with spies
Things Voucher for a warehouse’s contents, Insider trading information, Case of precious offworld pharmaceuticals, Box of legitimate tax stamps indicating customs dues have been paid.
Places Raucous bazaar, Elegant restaurant, Spaceport teeming with activity, Foggy street lined with warehouses