WorldTag:Seismic Instability

Description The local land masses are remarkably unstable, and regular earthquakes rack the surface. Local construction is either advanced enough to sway and move with the vibrations or primitive enough that it is easily rebuilt. Severe volcanic activity may be part of the instability.
Enemies Earthquake cultist, Hermit seismologist, Burrowing native life form, Earthquake-inducing saboteur
Friends Experimental construction firm owner, Adventurous volcanologist, Geothermal prospector
Complications  The earthquakes are caused by malfunctioning pretech terraformers, They’re caused by alien technology, They’re restrained by alien technology that is being plundered by offworlders, The earthquakes are used to generate enormous amounts of energy.
Things Earthquake generator, Earthquake suppressor, Mineral formed at the core of the world, Earthquake-proof building schematics
Places Volcanic caldera, Village during an earthquake, Mud slide, Earthquake opening superheated steam fissures