WorldTag:Police State

Description The world is a totalitarian police state. Any sign of disloyalty to the planet’s rulers is punished severely, and suspicion riddles society. Some worlds might operate by Soviet-style informers and indoctrination, while more technically sophisticated worlds might rely on omnipresent cameras or braked AI “guardian angels”. Outworlders are apt to be treated as a necessary evil at best, and “disappeared” if they become troublesome.
Enemies Secret police chief, Scapegoating official, Treacherous native informer
Friends Rebel leader, Offworld agitator, Imprisoned victim, Crime boss
Complications  The natives largely believe in the righteousness of the state, The police state is automated and its “rulers” can’t shut it off, The leaders foment a pogrom against “offworlder spies”.
Things List of police informers, Wealth taken from “enemies of the state”, Dear Leader’s private stash
Places Military parade, Gulag, Gray concrete housing block, Surveillance center