Wefterna lies to the South east of Dunland, a coastal kingdom benefiting from the warm currents of the Ethyn Ocean. The Wefternai, original tribal settlers of this land, were enemies of the Mycernai tribe to the west. Over the centuries warfare has erupted between them on a semi-regular basis, unfortunately each time the Wefternai have lost more land. It has been many years of peace now, but there is a growing sense of pride in this realm and a sense that their time has come to avenge these historical loses.

With their warriors honed against the beastmen tribes to the south in a number of recent successful campaigns and the leadership skills of the young prince of Wefterna established perhaps it is indeed the right time. Prince Kenric is the everything a crown prince should be, handsome, wise, brave and a skilled warrior. Strikingly different from his father King Stepan who has sat on the throne for decades doing little of note. Crown prince Kenric obviously takes after his mother Queen Elda, who gathered the best tutors for her children and has clearly been the power behind the throne for years.