The lands to the south of the Shadowmire are dark and twisted, as though somehow the evil flows with the water down the River Gurnoch. The tenebrous forests are home to the Sybilai of Viccadia, a matriachal realm, where all men are enslaved. With a strong warrior caste of women know as the Harridani to protect them, the Sybilai elders are strong witches gifted with the insight of prophecy.

Hostile to any and all visitors, the Viccadian's are only seen in all female, well guarded groups, visiting the Acernai tribes people for trade in the spring and autumn. Amusingly, if folklore is to be believed, the Harridani guards are sexually quite rampant during these visits, choosing to mate ferociously with strong Acernai warriors. It is said, occasionally a Harridani will remain with the Acernai and choose not return to her people. There may be some truth to this as a very small number of the Acernai carry the violet coloured pupils of the Viccadians.