Vale of Anduria

Deep in the south lies the Vale of Anduria. Over three hundred years ago refugees from the Kingdom of the Isles founded the townships in the Vale of Anduria. Marrying locals and establishing a network of fortified townships the refugees created a successful confederacy of traders and craftsmen. Hiring mercenaries from the nearby Dwarven realm of Nimoldur for defence, they have successfully withstood attacks from the beastmen tribes in the west.

Each town is surrounded by its own canton and led by a local council. This would make the Vale a little slow to respond to threats or raise an army. To solve this problem a chain of watch towers surrounds the Vale, alerting all the cantons to possible threats. When the alarm is raised, the canton militia rise up and march towards the source of the threat as quickly as they can.

Standing around 5'6" tall with a slightly lighter skin than their "cousins" in Jerez, most Andurians have brown or black hair.