Brennall is the Dungeons & Dragons alter ego of David Johnston from the early 1980's.

Brennall was a strong barbarian from the colder northlands. More intelligent that was immediately obvious from his demeanour he thought his way out of as many problems as he fought his way out of.

In my simplistic teenage concepts he was my Conan, a fighter at heart, but with the potential to be so much more.

Carrying his beloved Two Handed sword, which he was often seen to hone and polish, his real pride and joy was an enormous crossbow he had personally wrenched from the cold dead hands of a Bugbear. Its intricate mechanism fascinated him far more than the trust sword ever could.

His intellect and well muscled body led him to be far more aware of the women around him and they him. With a certain roguish charm he could manage to get himself into more trouble than any barbarian in a cultured land should!