Ideas behind Urgewalt

Urgewalt is the name of my current milieu, its name derived from the German for Elemental Force. Rather than the more normal worlds I constructed when I was younger, this world I hope is truly unique and fits quite tightly to the dungeons and dragons 4th edition creation mythos.

How Urgewalt came into being

The Wars of Creation

Urgewalt is notable for being one of the few material worlds constructed by deities rather than Primordials. To understand how this happened we need to return to the early Wars of Creation, when the Immortal host were slowly losing to their Primordial opposition. At the time the newly created Archons were being used extensively against them in the war. The Deities primary concern at the time was almost immediate return of "dead" Archons to the ongoing conflict. It was discovered that the Archons life force would return to the raw stuff of elemental chaos upon destruction, only to be reformed quickly by some mechanism unknown to the Immortal host.

A number of methods to control / destroy this threat were sought by the Immortals at the time. These methods ranged from trying to find and destroy the method of creation of the Archons, using powerful forms of disintegration against them in a hope to destroy them completely and lastly forms of imprisonment which left the elemental beings unable to return to the Elemental chaos from which they came. In the end, the Immortal host controlled the unending supply of Archons by finding and destroying the forges being used to create them. However this was not the only way discovered to control the rise of the Archons, merely the most expedient.

Urgewalts secret

The secret of Urgewalt is the knowledge that it was constructed from the imprisoned essence and physical form of captured Elementals, Archons, Titans and even a Primordial. The techniques found during the construction of Urgewalt eventually enabled the Immortal host to capture and imprison almost all of the greatest Primordials before the Wars of Creation came to a close.

The varying forms of these elements were bound into the creation of the world by the magic of the Immortals and for a few millennia even the existence of Urgewalt was kept a secret from those of the Elemental planes. The primary creators of Urgewalt were the Covenant of Carceri, who sought ways to defeat the Primordials by imprisoning them. This alliance of gods had the strength to achieve this and had the support of a number of Planar beings willing to help them.

Being constructed by Deities using imprisoned elemental beings as material has meant that Urgewalt is unique in a number of ways: -

  • Urgewalt is a flat plane rather than a sphere
  • Most of the inhabitants, flora and fauna of Urgewalt are to some degree imbued with elemental energies.
  • A Primordial is bound underneath the world, supporting it, while it drains and uses his elemental powers to imprison lesser elemental creatures.
  • Because it was made by the Immortal Host, the Primal Spirits which inhabit this world have less freedom than on other worlds. There is some resentment of this restraint which has led to the following: -
    • On this world, a few of the Primal spirits who ended the Wars of Creation favour the Primordials imprisoned here. Because of this some NPC primal characters seek to release the Primordial and other elementals even though this would mean the destruction of Urgewalt.
    • The Primal spirits are allied with a number of Elemental cults who have similar aims but are more aggressive. It seems as though the Elemental strengths that most races on Urgewalt possess can lead to people worshipping the Primordials in secret.
    • Countering this threat is a rare grouping of Deva, placed here by the gods to watch over and protect their creation.
    • In addition, Angels are actively engaged in fighting the Elementals and can be called upon for assistance by the Deva.
    • These groups clash in secret, with hardly any knowing of their covert war ... one of the last places where the Creation Wars continue.
  • There is a colony of Modrons established on Urgewalt, whose sole reason for existence is to constantly strengthen the Lawful magics holding the world together.
  • The bonds of imprisonment holding this world together are slowly dissolving, millennia may remain before it happens, but few things can stop Elemental Forces.

Rule Changes for Urgewalt

Below are the rule changes required to play/GM Urgewalt.

The campaign settings for the D&D Character builder can be downloaded here using Right Click and Save As: -

Urgewalt Campaign Settings

Racial Changes

  • No Tieflings (only rare visitors from other worlds [GM only])
  • No Genasi (only rare visitors from other worlds [GM only])
  • No Changelings (only rare visitors from other worlds [GM only])
  • No Kalashtar (only rare visitors from other worlds [GM only])
  • No Warforged (only rare visitors from other worlds [GM only])
  • Githzerai from PH 3 (Rare but allowed with GM permission ... an interesting background required before permission given)
  • Dragonborn (Rare but allowed with GM permission ... an interesting background required before permission given)
  • Drow (Rare but allowed with GM permission ... an interesting background required before permission given)
  • Deva (the deva were placed here by the Immortal host to watch over the imprisioned elemental host, therefore there are enough of them to form a "distributed" society)
  • Modron (Incredibly rare but allowed with GM permission ... only with extensive discussion with the GM would permission be given)

Additional Statistics

  • All Characters have "Elemental" strengths ... roll d10 for which element (Air,Earth,Fire,Water).
1-8 Choose a single element.
9   Choose two elements.
10  Choose three elements.
  • Once the Elemental Strengths are chosen roll a d20 and record the result per element.

Urgewalt in Equirectangular Projection
Urgewalt in Orthographic Projection