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I have got Societies, conflicts, world tags, world data and reasons for colonisation automatically generating now. I just need to work out a system for "cultures" and the auto generation will fill all the pieces we need to make the stories from. Should work on it tomorrow night (thursday). Trade generation will sit on top of that .. need to look in detail at it. and then of course factions ..

Started to add cultures and generators to the wiki this morning

Example can be found here ..

English Culture

Brennall (talk) 04:07, 1 October 2015 (EDT) Thanks




We have a 4 x 4 Sector, with each sector given an alphabet letter (A,B etc).

The co-ordinate system has been set so all hexes can be referenced with a 4 digit reference, 0201 for instance.

We can then add a page to the wiki for each unique co-ord .. which using redirects we can send onto the real name page later. Each of these hex pages is a GM resource, which will eventually be redirected to another page containing player info. (

Our current base sector map is here ..

I plan to extract the graphic and put it and subsector graphics into their own pages

The system generator can be found here ...

The content can be selected with Ctrl-A and copied with Ctrl-C .. then pasted straight into its hex page. The detail will populate the page and use transclusion to fill in data.

hmm, one all the simple maps are done, we should look for clusters of locations and "name" the cluster .. and to some degree keep ethnic similarity for each cluster.


We need a faction template to generate and store their info once the locations are done above.

Some thought to the faction management process needs to be done.

The basic plan has us doing 6 or so faction turns before the campaign starts. This should build up recent history (6 months) and generate info for the "news sheet" to hand out to players.

The initial aim will be for us to split factions between us and run some of them in opposition if appropriate.

Obviously motivations and background will need to be generated per faction. In addition I would recommend we use similar logs per organisation as seen in mass effect. There are online tools to generate corporate logos to help with this.

Need a simple friction generator .. with a link in each locations wiki page.


Adding support for trade adds another layer of complexity. Luckily it is not very complex and like the previous items can be simplified somewhat.

Trade and prices are not that dynamic, the "Friction" system encompasses that to keep the system in flux (no two visits to a world will produce identical results, similar but not identical).

However the creation of trade tables and goods for each world in sector 5 will be required manually.


I forgot to download the latest version of the core rulebook. I missed that societies and generation of them are now part of random generation.

Page 200 gives a good working example.

System looks pretty good.

Societal information now generated at the random generator for worlds at

Need to create a Society template .. so data self organises.

Also need to finish entry of some basic reference pages so can make them link

So order of generation becomes,

Location World Data - Done Society Data - Done Culture - Random Generator based on cultures from back of the book. could add indian, american indian, carribean, south american, australian etc. Trade Info - TBD .. needs thought Factions - Need Faction generator

Need to move the generators over to my Javascript random engine to decrease server load and improve performance generally .. weekend.

That will give a good solid layer of detail ... possibly too much if a lot of it was not randomised.