Shadowmire is an evil realm to the west of Dunland. The Shadowmire itself is a raised bog, Hidden at the centre of the bog supposedly lies the Tower of the Witch-King of Shadowmire.

They say no one has seen the Witch-King and lived to tell the tale. His hordes of undead servitors, carry out his orders across eastern Siirist. During the invasion of Dunland by the Giant-kin, the Witch-King sent his servants to take the southern city of Afonbury. The "Night of Sorrow" saw the population of Afonbury decimated and the armies of the Witch-King swollen with new servants.

Little is known of the heart of the Shadowmire, however if it is similar to the periphery, one can expect to see Carnivorous plants of prodigious size, the dead rising from the waters and a constant pale mist which limits sight.

As if in direct contrast to the dire nature of the Shadowmire, it is home to the elegant Whiteshroud Orchid, renowned for its fragrance and beauty.

On a more normal note, Beavers and Moose can be found here co-existing with the horrors of the undead.