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Welcome to Spellbound!

I am using Spellbound to create and store my roleplaying/wargaming campaigns.

Currently I am working on: -

Stars Without Number

Via Astra is a "Firefly/Dark Matter/Killjoys" kind of science fiction roleplaying game. It is a sandbox environment where player agency drives the activities, with all the attendant risks to life and limb that entails.

Stars Without Number is by Sine Nomine Publishing and comes from the creative mind of Kevin Crawford. It is supported by a number of well thought out supplements which cover various aspects of the genre.

Adventurer Conqueror King / Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

The Penumbral Cycle - The creation of a new world 'Etherias' for my roleplaying games. Looking for a classic fantasy feeling with a focus on a sandbox "Player driven" environment.

More information about the Realms of Etherias can be found below: -

Dunland Campaign

Known Realms

Calendars of Etherias


Calendar of Dunland

Deities Of Etherias

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