A Common language does not exist. There are no class languages either. If you talk to someone with a similar root language you have a good chance of communicating.


Ternai - Root Language for Eastern Humans on Siirist.
Dunish - Dunland
Mycernai - Mycernia
Wefternal - Wefterna
Hendrical - Hendrica
Bjurholmin - Bjurholm
Hentic - Root Language for Acernai tribal Humans on Siirist, influenced heavily by Sylvani.
Acernal - Acernai Tribes
Viccardan - Viccadia
Aranese - Root Language of The Far Isles.
Aranese - Jerez
Aranese - Vale of Anduria
Aranese - Kingdom of the Isles


Grombal - Root language for all Dwarves, all dwarven cultures
Grombal - Kug Borim
Grombal - Bul Thurim
Grombal - Cliffholme
Grombal - Nimoldur
Grombal - Stoneheart


Helanin - Helani Elf root language. Spoken by many sages of all cultures (the "Latin/Greek" of Etherias)
Helanin - Eternal Empire
Helanin - Isle of Tears
Sylvanii - Sylvani Elf root language, has Helani loan words but is different.

Sylvanii - Sylvani Tribes


Risastór - Giantkind root language (all races)
Risastór - Ornskoldvik
Risastór - Gunnolfsvik
Risastór - Bjurholm