The Duchy of Jerez is the farthest flung province of the Kingdom of the Isles (or Reino de las Islas as it is locally known). It is the major hub for trading with the other realms on Siirist and as such it is expanding rapidly.

Nominally under the control of the Duke of Jerez, rumour has it that the true power lies with the trading houses and cartels. In Jerez wealth is the only true measure of a man and everyone seems to be scheming to make a fortune or destroy someone else's.

If there is some item you desire, you are most likely to find it in the Grand Bazaar, a sprawling hub of merchants selling their wares to all and sundry. However watch your purse and possessions, the wealthy in Jerez are not the only ones looking to relieve you of your coin; beggars and thieves are to be found everywhere.

Travel is possible by sea to almost anywhere on Siirist from here, however the bold pirates of the Far Isles (las lejanas islas) represent a significant risk to life and possibly more importantly wealth.

The hooded magi of the Colegio de Asistente recently completed the construction of their sanctuary, the "Torre de la noche". Constructed over many years, to exacting specifications and alignments, it is the tallest tower in eastern Siirist.