History of Etherias

History is known to have four significant era, The Primordial Age, The Dawning, The Long Night and the current era, The Ascendancy. Each era has lasted for thousands of years and ended in a series of cataclysms. During each era different races or powers were dominant supposedly starting with the Dragons and their Kin in the Primordial age. Little is known about the ending of this age, just that the Dragons and their kin left Etherias. Soon they were replaced by the Atheviri during the Dawning, a mammalian race who appear to be the progenitors of four great races (and possibly the cursed beastmen if some scholars are to be believed).

After the Dawn came the almost destruction of our world during the Long Night. Dragons and their Kin returned with their elemental allies seeking to destroy the Atheviri. It is about this time that the few remaining records show the arrival of the Gods and their assistance against the Dragon-kin. Terrible destruction was wrought upon Etherias, the Atheviri were destroyed as were most of the Dragon-Kin.

Finally the gods imprisoned the Elementals behind impenetrable walls, the same walls which deprived the Dragons of their greater powers. Sadly it was almost too late for Etherias, as the cataclysmic wars brought about an age of Ice and Darkness.

It is from this point that the four great races of Giants, Elves, Dwarves and Humans struggled and rose to pre-eminence during the current era known as the Ascendancy. The Elves appear to have the earliest recorded histories, followed closely by the Dwarves and Giants. Early cultures rose and fell amongst all the races, like children trying to walk their first few steps. But with each attempt, civilisation as we know it today came one step closer.