Atmosphere Breathable Mix
Temperature Temperate
Biosphere Hybrid
Population 9 million inhabitants
Tech Level 3
World Tags Exchange Consulate, Civil War
Exchange Consulate
Description The Exchange of Light once served as the largest, most trusted banking and diplomatic service in human space. Even after the Silence, some worlds retain a functioning Exchange Consulate where banking services and arbitration can be arranged.
Enemies Corrupt Exchange official, Indebted native who thinks the players are Exchange agents, Exchange official dunning the players for debts incurred
Friends Consul in need of offworld help, Local banker seeking to hurt his competition, Exchange diplomat
Complications  The local Consulate has been corrupted, the Consulate is cut off from its funds, A powerful debtor refuses to pay
Things Exchange vault codes, Wealth hidden to conceal it from a bankruptcy judgment, Location of forgotten vault
Places Consulate meeting chamber, Meeting site between fractious disputants, Exchange vault
Civil War
Description The world is currently torn between at least two opposing factions, all of which claim legitimacy. The war may be the result of a successful rebel uprising against tyranny, or it might just be the result of schemers who plan to be the new masters once the revolution is complete.
Enemies Faction commissar, Angry native, Conspiracy theorist who blames offworlders for the war, Deserter looking out for himself, Guerilla bandits
Friends Faction loyalist seeking aid, Native caught in the crossfire, Offworlder seeking passage off the planet
Complications  The front rolls over the group, Famine strikes, Bandit infestations
Things Ammo dump, Military cache, Treasure buried for after the war, Secret war plans
Places Battle front, Bombed-out town, Rear-area red light zone, Propaganda broadcast tower