Lying to the west of Dunland in the valley of Hend, Hendrica is somewhat warmer than Dunland due to a warm current from the Ethyn Ocean. Fertile fields and a comfortable climate with few enemies in any direction have enabled the Hendricai to become the most advanced of the human tribal cultures originating on Siirist, not counting the outlanders from the Kingdom of the Isles.

Hendricai are around 5’7” tall, with varying shades of brown hair and a pale complexion.

Although not allies of Dunland, the Hendricai are in the main peaceful and are counted as trading partners. The capital city of Stowhurst sits on the banks of the River Ardoch where it meets the Ethyn Ocean. With trade routes running south to Wefterna and Jerez, care must be taken against the raiders from Bjurholm and the pirates of the Far Isles.