GM:History of Etherias

Etherias is a world riven by conflict, the rise of the new and the fall of the old, whether it be gods, mortals or anything in-between.

There have been four distinct ages of Etherias as seen below: -


The Primordial Age

Dinosaurs and Saurians with their Draconic God-Kings rule this age approximately 50,000 years ago. Stone and crystal are the materials of choice, simple but effective.

Eventually mammals grew to a stage where they could be cultivated, food or servants as required. The first sentient mammalian race, the Atheviri were forced into servitude.

Having conquered the world, the Dragons Gods sought yet more to dominate. A mighty host was raised and took wing for the as yet unexplored planes, initially the Elemental planes were their destination.

With the absence of the mightiest of dragon-kin the Atheviri of this time discovered the gods of the outer planes. Fate or perhaps intervention of the gods encouraged the revolt of the Atheviri, who with the aid of their gods and celestial servants overcame the remaining Dragon-kin and slaughtered them.

The Dawning

The Atheviri expanded rapidly, as mammals are wont to do. 25,000 years ago, softer materials such as metals and wood were used extensively, whilst knowledge of both magic and technology expanded dramatically.

Experimenting on themselves, the Atheviri created more intelligent mammal species. For the first time, species we recognise as Giants, Elves, Humans, Beastmen and Dwarves walked upon Etherias. Cultivated by the Atheviri every variety of colour and size is seen. Importantly, it seems these sub-races were not educated, merely observed in the wild.

The Long Night

It was the return of the Draconic Host 12,000 years ago which shattered the peace of the Dawning. One one side we have the Atheviri and their magical constructs with support from their Immortal allies and servants. On the other we have the returning Draconic host with their newly conquered Elemental servants.

Darkness descended upon Etherias as powerful magical weapons were unleashed across the globe. Little is known about this era, only the final result.

Saurians and Atheviri are almost completely destroyed. The Dragons are trapped in the prime material plane from this time on and the Gods are ascendant. Deprived of the energy from the outer planes, the Draconic God-Kings are forced to slumber, with only the lesser of their race remaining active, a hollow mockery of the true power of their elder kin.

Ice sweeps down from the polar regions, glaciers crushing all before them. Civilisation as known before is crushed beneath a sea of hardened ice. The world remains in this primitive state for another six thousand years.

The Ascendancy

As the planet slowly returns to warmth after six thousand years, the sub-races of the Atheviri being their ascent. Initially the Giants, Elves and Dwarves fought over this new land and its resources as they were the first to become truly civilised.

The Dwarves unwittingly learnt to use the Runes first discovered by the Saurians and as such have a strong affinity for stone. The Elves for their part explored the ruins of the Atheviri and bonded closely with growing things and have since that time been craftsmen with wood. Giant-kind instead relied on the brute strength of their physique and as such slowly slipped behind the other races over time.

After a few more thousand years, the lesser races of Humans and Beastmen clawed their way to civilisation. Humans and Beastmen, not as strong, intelligent or wise as any of the other races and sadly short lived seemed to expand rapidly due to their prodigious birth rate and ability to adopt the knowledge of others easily.

The Current Era

For the last three thousand years, we have seen all the Atheviri-kin come into conflict. They fight over anything and everything, the Elves even saw Civil war sunder their race in this time. The Dwarves and Giants seem to clash time and time again, seeking the same lands and resources. Humankind and the Beastmen clash repetitively, with what seems to be racial genocide the only solution to their mutual existence. At one time or another they have all fought one another ...

None know what war will end this era, but all know that every era has ended in cataclysmic conflict.