Eternal Empire

Far to the west of Dunland is the Eternal Empire. Ruled by the Helani Elves, the empire was founded at the beginning of the Asendancy. Thousands of years old, it is one of the pillars of civilisation for this world. Ruling above all, the Emperor is a living god, worshipped faithfully by his subjects.

The legions of the Eternal empire have crushed all who stood before them as they carried the Emperors blessings to the dark lands surrounding the empire. Bringing enlightenment and peace with them, few opponents have given them pause.

Artisans and Traders bring imperial goods from the heartlands of the empire to the periphery. High prices for such high craftsmanship are paid for in grain and other foodstuffs, to keep the heart of the empire beating.

The nearest province of the Eternal Empire is the Isle of Tears, to the far south west of Dunland.