Dunland Players

Jon - Ferghan - (2nd Level Cleric of Tiw - Human from Dunland - Nanton Abbey)

Dave - Alexandro de Gonzales (2nd Level Wizard - Human from Jerez)

Will - Zaos Decanio (2nd Level Fighter - Helani Elf from Isle of Tears)

Will - Vondal (1st Level Sorcerer - Hill Dwarf from Nimoldur)

Richard G - Eadred (2nd Level Fighter - Human from Dunland - Torsby)

Richard W - Oswulf (2nd Level Sorcerer - Human from Dunland - Nortwyke)

Darryl - Frith Tumwin (2nd Level Ranger - Human from Dunland - Vestern)

Amanda - Reia (2nd Level Druid - Sylvani Elf from Sylvani Tribelands)

Tammy - Trifin (1st Level Druid - Human from Acernai Tribelands)

Ray - Kalen (1st Level Ranger - Sylvani from Sylvani Tribelands)

Flint - Aelfrith (1st Level Fighter - Human from Dunland - Need birthplace)

Blane - Blane (1st level Rogue - Half Sylvani from Acernai Tribelands)