Current Projects



I will be developing the world of Urgewalt (Elemental Force in German) in all of its glory, while hopefully exploring it with my daughters Hannah and Amelia is they are interested / old enough for play Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.

Campaign World

I have already been using Fractal Terrain pro to generate global maps and climate for Urgewalt. Once this base layer has been completed to my satisfaction I will focus on a single continent and then on to a couple of countries / areas for more detail.

My most recent work on Cathava can be seen here in Cathava Mapping.

World Building Guidebook

I am using the World Builders Guidebook, an old book from TSR to help with the decision making process while building my world. As I am developing information it will be stored in the Campaign Notes page until such time as I can add it to the wiki in the correct location.

External Resources

A "Black Speech" to English dictionary and phrasebook, I am using this for my "Goblin" language: -

Goblin dictionary is where I have copied most of this information.

Gods of Urgewalt

BAHAMUT – Lawful Good – justice, protection, liberty, honour, vigilance against evil, protection of the weak, defence of law and order.

MORADIN – Lawful Good – creation, artisans, miners, smiths, dwarves, stoicism, tenacity, loyalty.

AIRMID - Good - Healing, Duty, Hope

AVANDRA – Good – change, freedom, travel, trade, adventure, frontier civilisation, luck, liberty.

PELOR – Good – the sun, summer, agriculture, humans, paladins, rangers, kindness, mercy, compassion. Be watchful against evil.

CORELLON – Unaligned – beauty, the arts, arcane magic, spring, fey creatures, artists, musicians, lost magic items, forgotten rituals. Hates Lolth.

ERATHIS – Unaligned – civilization (town and city), inventions, law, rulers, judges, pioneers, achieve your goals, seek out new ideas and new worlds.

IOUN – Unaligned – knowledge, prophecy, sages, seers, tacticians, bringing reason into balance with emotions. Hates Vecna.

KORD – Unaligned – storms, battles, strength, fighters, athletes, weather, bravery, glory.

MELORA – Unaligned – wilderness, the sea, rangers, hunters, elves, sailors. Anti-aberrations and other abominations.

SEHANINE – Unaligned – moon, autumn, trickery, illusions, elves, halflings, lovers, seek your destiny, keep to the shadows, seek new experiences.

ASMODEUS – Evil – Nine Hells – tyranny, domination, devils.

BANE – Evil – war, conquest, goblins, evil humans.

TIAMAT – Evil – wealth, greed, envy, vengeance, chromatic dragons.

TOROG – Evil – the Underdark, jailers, torturers, imprisonment.

VECNA – Evil – undead, necromancy, secrets.

ZEHIR – Evil – darkness, poison, assassination, snakes, yuan-ti.

GRUUMSH – Chaotic Evil – destruction, barbarian hoards, slaughter, pillaging, orcs.

LOLTH – Chaotic Evil – shadows, lies, spiders, scheming, treachery, drow.

All who joined the Covenant of Carceri are below

Original Members remaining

BAHAMUT – Lawful Good

MORADIN – Lawful Good

Torm - Lawful Good



PELOR – Good

CORELLON – Unaligned

ERATHIS – Unaligned

IOUN – Unaligned

KORD – Unaligned

MELORA – Unaligned

SEHANINE – Unaligned

BANE – Evil (Known as Achra and worshipped for bringing control and military structure)


TOROG – Evil

VECNA – Evil

ZEHIR – Evil

GRUUMSH – Chaotic Evil

LOLTH – Chaotic Evil

Original Members now departed

Nerull - Was part of the Covenant Now Dead - Killed by the Raven Queen

Tuern - Was part of the Covenant Now Dead - Killen by Bane

Not part of the Covenant

Raven Queen Unaligned - Was not part of the Covenant

Tharizdun - Chaotic Evil - Not part of the Covenant

Asmodeus - Evil - Not a god during the Covenant


Using a mixture of PHP,XML,CSS,Javascript and MySql while working around the excellent MediaWiki structure I hope to construct a means to store and develop my Dungeons and Dragons musings.

Having just got an Apple Mac .. I might write an initiative manager for the iphone.

Monster Extension

This MediaWiki extension will take a ".monster" XML formatted file from the D&D Adventure Tools Program and render it into a standard display block ala the Monster Manual.


Possible to read the XML file first to get the header info for display .. and then parse again for the rest of the data output.

so first pull shows the green header in the Table

Second shows the content of the monster.

It would show a More cohesive approach. .. also remove the "hide/Show" and merely tap the title on the iphone .. not sure about normal browser.


Track and manage initiative on your iPhone ... Will support timed mode to keep combat moving quickly.