Home of the Dwarves on Siirist, the mightiest citadel of the west. An underground harbour carved into a sheer cliff face a thousand feet high. Above the harbour entrances balconies look down upon the sea from the cliff-face, the passages behind them leading into the depths of the rock, sheltering the largest gathering of dwarves outside of Stoneheart.

Harbours within the cliff side securely hold the enormous barges of the Dwarves, whilst ballistae cover the sea approaches. Those who have entered Cliffholme tell of the vast caverns and carved halls, the deep and dark mushroom farms and the sounds of metal being worked at the sweltering forges.

Cliffholme is a center of trade with its barges ranging down the coast as far as Jerez and across the Ethyn Ocean to distant Stoneheart. Trading parties of dwarves take the underground routes to their beleaguered kin in the far citadel of Kug Borim. As always gems and sturdy wood are sought, paid for with fine weapons and armour of steel.

The Dwarves of Cliffholme are followers of the Creed of Gombaldur