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Gods vs original race. Original race imprisoned Gods in technology. God fought back. War between the original race and the gods. Original race imprisoned in earth.

Urgewalt was formed by elementals, creatures of energy that were aspected to earth, air, fire and water. They were initially primitive creatures and fought constantly amongst themselves for primacy, causing great turmoil across the planet as each faction sought advantage over the others. At the same time, life began to evolve. At first this was accidental, a chance conglomeration of circumstance caused by the elemental conflicts, but soon the elementals sought to harness these primitive forms and use them in their on-going conflict. It soon became apparent that biological life could increase the energy available to the elementals, as all life has a spark of energy within it. The elementals took great interest in the development of these organisms, nudging as best they could to ensure that as these organisms developed, they would create more energy for them.

But life could not be so easily controlled or predicted and as the organisms reproduced they diversified and became increasingly complex. Gradually a race emerged with a unique trait - free will. These creatures chose to worship the spirits they saw in their surroundings, whether it was a nearby mountain for safety and stamina or a river for the provision of fresh water. Their belief created more energy than could have previously been imagined by the elementals and gradually a ruling caste of elementals emerged as they gained power from being the focus of this worship.They sought to encourage further worship, through the answering of prayers and even manifestation, anything so long as it generated more energy. With greater power came a greater level of consciousness and the war of the elementals spilled over into the physical realm as they encouraged their followers to slaughter one another. These conquests in turn focussed worship onto increasingly fewer elementals and they became known by a different name; Gods. They absorbed other elementals, taking their places of worship and still the conflict continued, with no side able to get an upper hand.

The primal race continued to develop, gaining in power and developing new technologies. At first this suited the gods; the flourishing of civilisation meant more worshippers and more worshippers meant more power.

In the beginning, the Primal race had a symbiotic relationship with the Spirits / elementals of the world. There was harmony and balance, this balance and harmony was was slowly eroded when the Primal race sought to enslave the spirits to their technology and manipulated the elementals. They sought to enslave them and breed them to make bigger and more efficient machines. With increased size and strength the elementals / spirits developed greater awareness.

In the end a rebellion occurred as the spirits/elementals fought back against their masters. After a long and terrible war, they defeated those that enslaved them. After many difficult discussions an agreement was reached, known as the Covenant of Carceri. A sealed chamber was constructed and the primal race was placed within it, in a form of stasis. Layer upon layer of elemental beings were bound around this prison, Fire, Earth, Water and finally Air.

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Gods need belief to power them.

What followed was a time of freedom for the Spirits / elementals. The greatest amongst them led their race in celebration. Sadly their freedom came at a price they did not comprehend, they were dependant on the primals, the two races were intertwined at a spiritual level. Without the energy derived from the primal race, the spirits began to wither and weaken.They needed another source of energy to replace the Primals, something they could control, something safe that would not try and control them. With their life force slowly ebbing away, the Elementals attempted to create life, many different races came into being, some monstrous, some minute, many variations tried as all the different factions of elementals tried to develop some means of spiritual sustenance. Finally with their life force ebbing, mankind was created in a joint effort by all the factions of elements. By imbuing mankind with a belief in the higher elementals as god like beings they must worship, a tenuous link was established and the new gods gained a source of power from their creations.

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Sorcerers do not need Gods to power their magic - have become aware of the fact that they are ‘batteries’. Secret societies? Can pick up on points from other holders of knowledge. Careful guidance from the Enlightened.

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Exposure to different cultures brings enlightenment. First people enlightened themselves through travel. Psionics for enlightenment - they ‘ascend’. Much longer lifespan than normal and age differently, so have to keep moving. Constant movement and looking to find/turn others. Gods can’t tap into telepathy. Gods have to rely on others finding them or them making mistakes. Not everyone can be enlightened - some may never be. Social and gregarious - constant discourse with other enlightened in locale. Build and refine own awareness and enlightenment.

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Other races could be created by Gods but are failures (and know it??).

Stone men, red men ..etc .. possibly elemental variants of humanity.

Original world = elemental in nature. Fire, encased by earth, encased by water, encased by air.

Forming the traditional spherical world we know. Will go for the size of mars, but with higher density.

The original war has thrown things out of kilter and has left cracks, through which raw energy is leaking. Can be accessed by humans, but drives them insane. Gods evolved from elementals originally.

This is the raw stuff/energy of the cosmos, Gods cannot use it directly, apparently only Sorcerers can (possibly a few monsters also). However it is so “alien/different” it damages their minds as they use it. It effectively causes sanity damage with prolonged use. Need to arrange a sanity equivalent.

Free will generates magic.

This is the reason mankind succeeded where all other racial experiments failed to some degree or another. Some gods still seek a replacement (more power, more docile etc). This is therefore a new constant source of monsters potentially? Yes, and ‘old designs’. I want to call some form of big beast a juggernaut, for some reason.

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Gods struggle to understand people - need priests to intercede?

Having free will enables mankind to generate the power the gods require, however it also means they find mankind difficult to understand. They find it easier to work through more attuned tools such as priests

Will humans make the same mistakes as the Gods? Are their cycles. Will humans imprison the Gods again, or does Enlightenment allow for the chain to be broken?

Possibly enlightenment is the Cosmic balances way of ensuring they do not repeat the mistakes of their predecessors. Perhaps the the era of the symbiotes is over?

It’s all about power, dominance and symbiosis. A positive and a negative? Perhaps enlightenment allows mankind to close the loop and be both ying and yang - permanent loop of power, both god and man - self-power. Can perceive both sides.

Not much to add here, Nature / Balance is righting itself. It *IS* the ultimate power after all.

Enlightenment happens because the Universe is moving against the previous two races because they were failed experiments themselves!

Yes and they blind themselves to their failure.

Circles within circles...

Layer upon layer of repeating themes.

So even though the Gods think they created mankind, the Universe created mankind to get what it wants, which is how mankind can tap into the cosmic power, although it causes insanity (if those who access it aren’t enlightened, so it destroys them). Only the enlightened can access the power safely.

The cosmic force influenced the gods to make mankind, as it sought to replace its failed previous experiments (attempts?). The gods do not know they were used .. it is after all about power over others.

Animism / Spiritualism - Powered by many things .. need to be defined on a cultural basis. Theism - Powered by belief and pact with the gods (donate POW / mp) Science/Technology - dreaming technology, influenced by the sleepers / Primals - technology creates an escape from the Gods. The primals dream of escape from their prison and the gestalt of their conciousness views Technology as the way to do it. These dreams influence mankind to create technology.

Beserkers & Monks - Berserkers are broken enlightened who manifest wild combat rage through lack of control of their enlightments. Martial Artists are physically enlightened, they chose the wrong path to spiritual enlightenment however. It is not too late for them however and if they become spiritually enlightened they become some of the more powerful Enlightened with control over their spirits and bodies at the same time.

Psionics. - The Spiritually enlightened develop powers of the mind, incredible wisdom.

The enlightened - an evolved version of mankind which has to hide because the gods will destroy it. Alien source of power - caused by cosmic balance - aren’t supposed to go near it until we’re ready. Hedge wizards - Use simple Folk magic.. which all believe to be a gift from the gods, in actuality it is a simple form of mankind's true power

Players can be assigned different approaches to magic which have to be powered in different ways. So Sorcerors have lost their way on the route to enlightenment - have to use external objects as a crux. - Sorcerers .. are magically enlightened, not spiritually. Different sects, cults, cultures, nations have different power sources for their magic. Good general cults etc need to be defined so players can have examples.

Faction of the enlightened might be technomancers.

The dreaming Gods are the wellspring of empowered technical advancement. Technomancy is NOT a barrier to enlightenment, merely a distraction. It is therefore possible for Technomancy to be used efficiently and effectively by the enlightened if they wish.

Enlightened psionics are not stopped by steel - their magic is drawn from within, but can use armour and metal weapons - very, very rare. Combines, physical (martial arts), technological and sorcerous (+psionic) forms of enlightenment. Over many, many years. Whilst travelling are trying to perfect their knowledge. An impossible journey - spirit may need to be reborn - not trapped into corporeal form and can come back, take on a new body. Their spirits don’t go away like most people do - when enlightened die, they fade away and come back with the same spirit in a new body (think Hindu reincarnation - come back further along the path to enlightenment). Upon return find it easier to learn things. So sum total of the enlightened is growing...

Souls instead of spirits.

Enlightened possess something no other race does, Souls instead of spirits … basically spirits+ they therefore reincarnate with some previous knowledge at a deep level, allowing them to re-enlighten much quicker and easier than non enlightened. Less exposure, less contact needed. Makes sense - I like that. They have transcended.

Power comes to power. Heroes and antiheroes are attracted to like. Almost quite separate to the rest of humanity.

As part of the era of symbiosis, opposites attract, and power attracts all.

Every god can be perceived in multiple different ways - how the gods got found out and the first people moved towards enlightenment.

The gods want power and actually are prepared to sacrifice their images to get it. It is this dichotomy that revealed them to the earliest Enlightened. They also see one another as rivals and have differing ambitions. Alliances can shift but are no longer always about which elemental race they came from - they have evolved behind that in some ways, although the flavour should still be there. We could generate some flavour text about a god whose followers successful supplant worship of this earth god from another (for example).

Most people would be overtly religious - getting tangible gains.

Yes .. the new gods have created a system of reward to ensure this is true. Only those taking the red pill (enlightenment) can sense the wrongness of the system and be able to do something. The enlightened are rare, but powerful manifestations of the future of humanity.

Elementals = just another race in reality.

Yes indeed.