Home to the Giant-Kin, Bjurholm in the north east is the hated enemy of the people of Dunland. Originally the northermost of the human tribes lived here, before they were conquered and abused by the Ice Giants of Ornskoldvik. Centuries later the humans of Bjurholm are now Giant kin, with the blood of the ice giants flowing freely in their veins, they stand 7' to 8' tall and broad with it.

With this bloodline comes a tendency towards cruelty and savagery, raiding down the coastline from Bjurholm they attack as far south as Jerez and occasionally the Far Isles in their dragonships. Possibly the only enemy the pirates of the far isles truly fear on the land, it is a far more even match on the high seas.

Spread across Bjurholm in tribal steadings, the þing (pronounced "Thing") is an annual gathering of the tribal leaders and shaman at their holy places. During the þing tribesmen are bound to the Kóðinn friðarins (code of peace), apart from the mikill keppni (great contest), where the bravest from each tribe compete in front of the gods to become their champion.

Most steadings are to be found in the Fjords of Bjurholm, river inlets leading to the seas. The lands are worked by the thralls (slaves), under the stern gaze of their masters. Above the thralls are the Bonde (farmers), who serve their lords as warriors on the dragonships when the tribe goes to raid.

Finally we get to the Jarl and his "Ring" of huscarls, sworn warrior guards of proven skill and bravery. Each was given a golden arm ring to seal the pact of loyalty between them, with mighty binding oaths sworn.