Band of the Red Hand

The band members

Current group treasure

Buried under some trees

(Trifin has grown flowers on top using Druidcraft and made a history roll to remember the location)

7 x short bow (poor quality)

1 leather armour (poor quality)

18 Silver Pieces (Dunland "Queens")

25 Copper Pieces (Dunland "Pennies")

7 Short swords (poor quality)

Carried by the party (on donkey)

1 box (unopened from Bailiffs house)

Silver jug (from Bailiffs house)

Small pouch of Gems (around 9 or so - 4 greenish stones, 3 black stones, 2 blue stones)

Single Gem (Red Stone)

2 Gold Pieces (Acernai "Trees")

4 Silver Pieces (Acernai "Boars")

10 Copper Pieces (Acernai "Acorns")

1 Giant-Kin zombie head

5 Zombie Heads

10 Skeleton Heads´╗┐