Acernai Tribes

The Acernai tribes lie to the west, past the Shadowmire. Unlike their western human cousins, the Acernai follow the same Druidic spiritual creed as the nearby Sylvani elves.

Many tribes occupy the forest, benefiting from its bounty, each tribe has a leader and a small ring of advisers, chief of which is the tribe's Druid. Unlike the Sylvani, the Acernai do not migrate, staying in one area throughout the year.

Regarded as strange by many, is the practice of spider herding. Somehow the Acernai have learnt to domesticate large spiders (3-4ft leg span). The poison is used to coat their blades (Acernai alchemists are renowned for their poisons), while the web is gathered and treated to become websilk. This strong and beautifully dyed silk is used for the clothing of the Acernai and is also the chief item of trade with outlanders. Most of the finest robes of the nobility of Dunland are made of websilk.

When woven in multiple layers it is an excellent defence against almost everything except fire. Light and strong it doesn't hinder its wearers movement in any way. Prized by thieves and magi alike, the cost is prohibitive to almost all.

The Druids of the Acernai occasionally turn towards the Circle of the Moon, certainly more often than the Druids of the Sylvani. Those that do enter the forests as guardians and are only seen occasionally at the full moon gatherings. It is rumoured that the blood of beasts runs in the Acernai and for those not attending a full moon gathering in the groves and rings of the Druids, tis best to stay locked safely indoors.

Local Knowledge

Platinum - Njords Head (God of Trade) - AKA a Njord. "give you 2 Njords for that" - Imported and rare in the Tribal lands
Gold - Tree of Life (After the Druidic Trees) - AKA a Gold, "Its 4 Gold a night for a bed"
Silver - Boars Head - AKA a Boar, "3 Boars for a mug of good wine"
Copper - Acorn - AKA an Acorn, "I gave the beggar 4 acorns"
Acernal - Root language Hentic, see Languages